2h 13m
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All unemployed, Ki-taek’s family takes peculiar interest in the wealthy and glamorous Parks for their livelihood until they get entangled in an unexpected incident.

Top Billed Cast


LANGUAGE : Korean, English

Barunson E&A, CJ E&M Film Financing & Investment Entertainment & Comics, CJ Entertainment, TMS Comics, TMS Entertainment


Viva International Pictures (2019) (Philippines) (theatrical)


PRODUCER : Heo Min-heoi, Lee Joo-hyun, Miky Lee, Lim Myeong-gyun, Park Min-cheol, Jang Young-hwan, Kwak Sin-ae, Moon Yang-kwon, Bong Joon-ho
EDITOR : Yang Jin-mo
SOUND : Choi Tae-young

Kim Dae-hwan, Adaptation
Han Jin-won, Screenplay
Bong Joon-ho, Screenplay, Story

Bong Joon-ho, Director
Kim Seong-sik, Assistant Director
Yoon Young-woo, First Assistant Director
Han Jin-won, Script Supervisor
Lee Jung-hoon, Second Unit Director
Park Hyun-cheol, Third Assistant Director

Mo So-ra, Art Direction
Samuel King, Concept Artist
Lee Ha-jun, Production Design
Jeon Jae-wook, Props
Oh You-jin, Props
Cho Won-woo, Set Decoration

Woo Geum-ho, Camera Car
Hong Kyung-pyo,Director of Photography
Sang Won Cho, Grip
Sung Min Cha, Grip
Lee Jae-hyuk, Still Photographer
Byun Sang-jin, Third Assistant “A” Camera

Costume & Make-Up
Choi Se-yeon, Costume Design
Yoon Na-yeon, Costumer
Yoon Hye-jeong, Costumer
Kim Hee-jae, Costumer
Shin Soo-bin, Costumer
Kang Dong-yul, Costumer
Jin Her, Costumer
Kim Seo-young, Makeup & Hair
Lee Hee-eun, Special Effects Makeup Artist
Kwak Tae-yong, Special Effects Makeup Artist
Hwang Hyo-gyun, Special Effects Makeup Artist
Bae Kyung-hye, Special Effects Makeup Artist

Jung Seock-hee, CG Supervisor
Kim Sang-hun, CG Supervisor
Kang Won-chul, CG Supervisor
Yoo Sang-seob, Stunt Coordinator
Oh Se-young, Stunts
Park Jeong-ja, Thanks
Sohn Suk-hee, Thanks
Cho Hye-lin, Translator

Han Mi-yeon, Assistant Editor
Kevin Kang, Digital Intermediate
Yang Jin-mo, Editor

Park Sung-hyeok, Lighting Artist
Lee Eun-seon, Lighting Artist
Kwon Yong-ho, Lighting Artist
Seo Young Heo, Lighting Artist
Kim Hyeong-gi, Lighting Artist
Kim Chang-ho, Lighting Director
Kim Tae-seob, Lighting Supervisor

Heo Min-heoi, Co-Executive Producer
Lee Joo-hyun, Co-Producer
Lee Su-jin, Data Management Technician
Miky Lee, Executive Producer
Lim Myeong-gyun, Executive Producer
Lee Seon-yeong, Executive Producer’s Assistant
Park Min-cheol, Line Producer
Jang Young-hwan, Producer
Kwak Sin-ae, Producer
Moon Yang-kwon, Producer
Bong Joon-ho, Producer
Kim Sang-soo, Production Manager
Kim Kyeong-taek, Production Supervisor
Nam Sung-ho, Unit Production Manager

James Wright, Dolby Consultant
Lee Chung-gyu, Foley Artist
Park Sung-gyun, Foley Artist
Shin i Na, Foley Editor
Bálint Sapszon, Orchestrator
Norbert Elek, Orchestrator
Jung Jae-il, Original Music Composer
Eun Hui-su, Production Sound Mixer
Gang Hye-yeong, Sound Effects Designer
Choi Tae-young, Sound Supervisor
Kim Byung-in, Supervising ADR Editor
Park Hyo-shin, Theme Song Performance
Choi Woo-shik, Theme Song Performance
Lee Ji-hye, Vocals

Visual Effects
Andras Ikladi, 3D Supervisor
Yeom Do-seon, Animation
Kim So-yoon, Animation
Lee Kyoung-min, Animation
Lee Sin-woo, Animation
Son Young-nam, Animation
Jung Yeo-jin, Animation
Kang Seong-pil, Animation
Kim Eun-ji, Animation
Sung Oh Moon, Animation Supervisor
Kim Jae-hwan, Animation, Compositing Artist
Youn Min-seok, Compositing Artist
Ahnwoo Yang, Compositing Artist
Lee Seung-yeon, Compositing Artist
Lee Young-young, Compositing Artist
Lee Song-hee, Compositing Artist
Hanhee Hailey Lee, Compositing Artist
Kong Miseon, Compositing Artist
Lee Ji-Yeon, Compositing Artist
Hwang Eun-bi, Compositing Artist
Kim Ji-su, Compositing Artist
Jung Da-som, Compositing Artist
Ryu Ga-hee, Compositing Artist
Yu Mi-hwa, Compositing Artist
Lee Dong Kyu, Compositing Artist
Seok Jong-yeon, Compositing Lead
Liang Jun-ling, Compositing Lead
Lee Jae-wook, Compositing Lead
Kim Bo-ra, Compositing Lead
Son Won-rak, Compositing Supervisor
Jung Ji-hyung, Compositing Supervisor
Kang Dong-hyuk, Lead Animator
Cha Dong-ho, Matchmove Supervisor
Choi Seung-goo, Matchmove Supervisor
Jang Hyo-sun, Matchmove Supervisor
Park Ji-hyeon, Matte Painter
Oh Yu-min, Matte Painter
Ko Hee-kyung, Matte Painter
You Hyeon-jeong, Matte Painter
Huh Soo-jung, Matte Painter
Yun Hee, Simulation & Effects Artist
Lee Min-ho, Simulation & Effects Artist
Lim Tae-woo, Simulation & Effects Artist
Kim Tae-hoon, Simulation & Effects Artist
Jang Hansaem, Simulation & Effects Artist
Park Hye-ri, Simulation & Effects Artist
Jung Do-an, Special Effects Supervisor
Park Kyoung-soo, Special Effects Supervisor
Lee Sang-yeol, VFX Artist
Kim Tae-hyung, VFX Artist
Cheong Hyun-jun, VFX Artist
Jung Yeon-tae, VFX Artist
Kim Woo-ju, VFX Editor
Lee Hyang-Hee, VFX Editor
Jo Eun-byul, VFX Editor
Park Hwon, VFX Supervisor
Jang Mi-jin, VFX Supervisor
Jung Sung-jin, Visual Effects Director
Kang Jong-ik, Visual Effects Director
Yun Junshik-Raul, Visual Effects Producer
Chan-Jin Chris Kim, Visual Effects Producer
Kim Bok-yung, Visual Effects Producer
Peter Ahn, Visual Effects Producer
Shin Jeong-ho, Visual Effects Production Assistant
Jeong Min-hyuk, Visual Effects Supervisor
Hong Jeong-ho, Visual Effects Supervisor
Jeong Ho Hong, Visual Effects Supervisor
Jay Seung Jaegal, Visual Effects Supervisor
Ha Jae-gu, Visual Effects Supervisor

Festivals Participated / Recognitions

Academy Award for Best Picture 2019
Palme d’Or 2019
Academy Award for Best Directing 2019
Academy Award for Writing (Original Screenplay) 2019
Academy Award for Best International Picture 2019

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