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Bamboo Dogs

1h 23m
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On what should have been just another night on the job, Police Officers Esquivel & Corazon receive a phone call that sets in motion a series of events that will soon grab headlines as the biggest police conspiracy in all of Philippine history. The order seems simple enough at first: fix an arrest mix-up by taking the Kuratong Baleleng, a notorious group of robbers, to Camp Crame where they will be let go. But mid-transport, the orders change and Esquivel and his co-policemen find themselves having to choose between carrying out orders or doing what’s right.

Top Billed Cast


LANGUAGE : Filipino (With English subtitles.)


PRODUCER : Achinette Villamor, Khavn
PRODUCTION DESIGNER : Kristine Kintana, Khavn
EDITOR : Carlo Francisco Manatad
SOUND : Mikko Quizon

Production Design – Khavn
Production Deisgn – Kristine Kintana

CInematography – Albert Banzon
Directing – Khavn

Color Grading, Editor – Carlo Francisco Manatad
Color Grading – Timmy Torress

Producer – Achinette Villamor
Producer – Khavn

Original Music Composer – Khavn
Sound Deisgner – Mikko Quizon
Sound Recordist – Mark Locsin

Screenplay – Homer Novicio
Screenplay – Achinette Villamor
Screenplay – Norman Wilwayco
Screenplay – Khavn

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