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Ang Panahon ng Halimaw

3h 54m
Directed By:
Screenplay By:

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In the late 70s, a gang of militias, under the control of the military, terrorizes a remote village in the Philippines. The terror being inflicted on the populace is not just corporal but intensely psychological as well. They were constantly fed with apocryphal tales about the village leader. A few souls are not giving up. They are fighting.

The poet/teacher/activist, Hugo Haniway, decides to find out the truth about the disappearance of his wife.

A love story set in the darkest period of Philippine history, the Marcos Dictatorship.

The narrative and the characters are a composite of real events and real people that happened and existed during the period.

A Filipino rock opera.

Top Billed Cast

Piolo Pascual as Hugo Haniway
Shaina Magdayao as Lorena Haniway
Pinky Amador as Kwago
Bituin Escalante as Kwentista
Hazel Orencio as Tenyente
Joel Saracho as Ahas
Bart Guingona as Paham
Angel Aquino as Angelita
Don Melvin Boongaling as Militia 1
Lilit Reyes as Militia 2
Ian Lomongo as Ian
Noel Sto. Domingo as Chairman Narciso
Bradley Liew as Militia 3
Mohd Akhir Bin Lutan as Militia 4
Mohd Hadzril Bin Yahya as Militia 5
Iain Liew as Student
Bianca Balbuena as Bianca
Jonathan Francisco as Young Hugo
Joanne Orencio as Halimaw
Dub Lau as Nong


LANGUAGE : Filipino

Globe Studios/Epicmedia/sine olivia pilipinas production


Films Boutique


PRODUCER : Quark Henares, Bianca Balbuena, Bradley Liew, Lav Diaz
EDITOR : Lav Diaz
SOUND : Corrine De San Jose

All songs written by Lav Diaz

Directed, produced, composed and edited by
Lav Diaz

Executive Producers
Quark Henares
Bianca Balbuena
Bradley Liew
Lav Diaz
Director of Photography
Larry Manda

Production Designer
Popo Diaz

Sound on Set by
Adrian Yew Erman
Sound Designer
Corrine De San Jose

First Assistant Director
Hazel Orencio

Associate Producer
Kath Sison

Line Producer
Gan Hui Yee

Casting Directors
Hazel Orencio
Bianca Balbuena

Production Assistants
Dub Lau
Mario Yan
Mohd Nuzaihan B. Abdul Razak
Sheryl Chong

Giovanni D’Onofrio
Don Melvin Boongaling

Mikee Dela Cruz

Hair and Make-up
Syrel Lopez

Daniel Palisa

Reynaldo Peru
Art Director
David Manjit
Props/Set men
Valli Devandran
Vivekh Vermont
Pragash Subramainam

Props Buyer
Mario Yan

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