Movies To Watch This Weekend: MOOV offers FREE Streaming


‘Dear Virus, you will not kill cinemas’ is the slogan seen outside a selection of independent cinemas in London.

With the gradual shift of education and business establishments to online setup, local film cinemas across the country also find its way to catch up with the changes brought by Covid-19.

Last week, we announced the closure of our beloved local cinema known for being a home for various incredible mainstream and independent films, including exclusives, shorts, and world-class features. Despite the closure, it does not stop us from manifesting our firm commitments in advancing the Philippine film industry.  

We are MOOVing forward.

Cinema Centenario decided to extend our cinema beyond the four dark corners of our small theater. Say hello to MOOV, a streaming platform that has just recently opened its door to the online world. With the recent launch of it, we promise to all the film lovers that Cinema Centenario will continue celebrating the Filipino vision and cinematic artistry beyond its centennial year.

The streaming site currently has five short films and one documentary available to watch for FREE. Here are the movies that you can start watching this weekend: 


1. Ang mga Alingawngaw sa Panahon ng Pagpapasya

MOOV Ang mga Alingawngaw sa Panahon ng Pagpapasya - POSTER
Ang mga Alingawngaw sa Panahon ng Pagpapasya – POSTER

Director: Hector Barretto Calma

Amidst the social and political struggles of the “Bagong Lipunan” era, Red grows up with his middle-class family as an ordinary boy. He then finds himself caught between the conflicts brought by his mother’s unbending ideologies and his father’s apolitical instinct to protect his family.

2. Maliw

Maliw - POSTER
Maliw – POSTER

Director: Rob Jara 
A young woman revisiting memories of a lost love days before Martial Law is proclaimed — an old, jaded mechanic — a young man on his way to he countryside encountering a host of militiamen and their tortured captive — these are stories of forgotten hopes, of wearied struggles, of memories lost. Can they still be ever found?

3. Paano Bihisan ang Isang Ina

Paano Bihisan ang Isang Ina - POSTER
Paano Bihisan ang Isang Ina – POSTER

Director: Tim Rone Villanueva
Klaudia, a “live show” performer in a whore-house, was rented by Javier, a 12-year old millionaire, to be his mother for a week. Hesitant at first, Klaudia learns to adapt Javier in her world but everything suddenly changes when Javier awakes the ghost of Klaudia’s dark past. Could Javier save Klaudia from the monster of her world? Could their mock-up relationship prove that love can set anyone free?



Director: Tim Rone Villanueva
Santa Nena, a patron saint statue in a parish church that springs to life every night, has to be the child-bearer for the second coming of the Messiah on earth with Manuel, the chosen boy with miraculous glowing balls, but what happens if she suddenly falls in love with the chosen boy even if God forbids her?


Taya - Poster

Director: Adi Bontuyan 
A 12 year-old boy learns to play traditional Filipino games through a new set of friends, who will show him that life and their games have many things in common.


Ang mga Bulong sa Bituka ng Sta. Mesa

Ang mga Bulong sa Bituka ng Sta. Mesa - POSTER
Ang mga Bulong sa Bituka ng Sta. Mesa – POSTER

Director: Hector Barretto Calma
This film is composed of black and white images from the sombre depths of Manila’s Sta. Mesa district, which are juxtaposed in the railroad that metaphorically connects the lives of each individual in the community. Captured by a single camera and a keen eye, each moving picture is accompanied by stories of grief, misery, hope, and inspiration.

STREAMING service MOOV curates film for a wider audience reach and the growing demand for an alternative source of entertainment.

MOOV will be available for streaming on the web and mobile devices that functions as a movie-on-demand platform.


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