Learn The Complex History of Philippine Dokyu through Prof. Nick Deocampo on Oct. 21

With the topic Philippine Documentary History, Prof. Nick Deocampo will give us a comprehensive lecture on the long history of documentary filmmaking in the Philippines, starting from its origins and development to the series of movements that shaped the genre. The event is organized by Daang Dokyu Film Festival.

The online lecture will happen on October 21, 4 PM (Manila Time) on Daang Dokyu’s website , Facebook and Youtube channel. With the introduction by Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda and Paolo Villaluna as moderator.

The documentary is the oldest film form. The Philippines shares this filmic reality. Unearthing Jose Nepomuceno’s first film shot in Cebu in 1918, this discovery shatters the long-held belief that Dalagang Bukid, a fiction film, was the first film made by a homegrown filmmaker. It was not. Similar surprises will emerge in my talk as I trace more than a century of documentary filmmaking. Starting with its origin in the Western films first shown in local screens, I chronicle its development as generations of Filipino filmmakers defined the genre. It is a form of cinema that has withstood wars and colonization, martial law and revolutions. Important documentarists and their outstanding works will be highlighted as they compose the country’s long line of documentary tradition. Film excerpts will be shown in this hour-long presentation. Join me!”

Prof. Nick Deocampo on his Facebook post

MASTERCLASS ON PHILIPPINE DOCUMENTARY HISTORYI’m back on the lecture circuit, this time exploring the online virtual…

Geplaatst door Nick Deocampo op Zondag 18 oktober 2020

“The history of the documentary in the country has been left largely unwritten. With Daang Dokyu Film Festival, hope is high that finally this form of cinema will get the attention it deserves,” Prof. Deocampo posted on his Facebook account. 

Prof. Nick Deocampo is one of the most respected film historians and filmmakers in the country. He is an instructor at UP Film Institute at the University of the Philippines Diliman. 

Learn more about Daang Dokyu’s film lineup and online lectures on their website.

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