Fully Booked to Hold a Free Ghibli Films Roundtable Happening on November 6

As part of Fully Booked Fest 2020 in celebration of National Reading Month this November, the famous bookstore will hold a free Studio Ghibli event discussion on November 6 at 6 pm. “The Art of Storytelling: Studio Ghibli Round Table” will tackle and dissect Ghibli films’ themes, storytelling, art style, and symbolism. 

fully booked studio ghibli

Founded in 1985, Studio Ghibli has been regarded by many as one of the most prominent and successful animation film studios in Japan and in the world with the creation of highly acclaimed and blockbuster animated features such as Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Grave of the Fireflies and Princess Mononoke.

From its dazzling storyline to the mind-boggling animation style, Ghibli studio takes us all to the world of magic, coming-of-age love, and intimate friendship. Surely, most of us are dreaming of being part of the studio someday. 

Whether you are an aspiring animator and filmmaker or an avid fan of Ghibli films, the event created by Fully Booked is a perfect avenue for you. 

The event will feature four esteemed artists from different fields of arts, which includes: 

Avid Liongoren, directed both live and animated films Saving Sally and Hayop Ka! Th Nimfa Dimaano Story; also the founder of a production studio Rocketsheep

Princess Malonzon, a part of the small team behind the emerging independent publishing group, Haliya Publishing and co-founder of Biblioflora, a literary arts and goods brand; 

Mervin Malonzo, a comic artist known for his award-winning piece TABI PO (winner of the National Book Award), which was later adapted to a TV mini-series in 2017, and also part of Haliya Publishing where he creates comic arts and stories; 

Julienne Dadivas (Hulyen), a cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer known for her comic series UGH under Haliya Publishing.   

The discussion will be streamed live on the Fully Booked Official Facebook Page. 

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You can watch and support some local films on MOOV, Cinema Centenario’s video on-demand online channel. 

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