Animahenasyon 14 Goes Online to Showcase Filipino Talents in Animation

Since 2007, the Animation Council of the Philippines Inc. (ACPI) has been organizing a Philippine Animation Festival called “Animahenasyon,” which aims to discover the hidden gems in Filipino animation.  

In its 14th year, the annual animation festival is going to be online for the first time to continue showcasing brilliant works of Filipino animators. The event is set to occur from the 9th to the 20th of November

With the theme “The Celebration of the 20th” to commemorate the 20th year of ACPI, this year’s Animahenasyon will hold a series of webinars composed of 20 Years of Animation with 20 Artists event and 20 Talk Sessions about the wonders of moving imagery and design, intend to further the knowledge of both aspiring and professionals artists. 

The twelve-day event includes a competition showcasing ten works from emerging artists plus film screenings of original animation in the form of independent and commercial content. All the pre-selected entries for the contest, existing original works of Filipino animators, and some selected animated works from other countries through collaborations with various embassies and foreign agencies will be shown at the festival. 

Animahenasyon is an avenue designed to advocate and boost the animation industry in the country. Since its creation, the festival has attracted many Filipino animators worldwide to submit their works hoping to be shown to larger audiences.    

Here is the list of competing entries for Animahenasyon 14. The winning entries will receive trophies and Php 20,000. 

1. Ella Arcangel: Oyayi Sa Dilim

Director: Mervin Malonzo

Based on the comic book authored by Julius Villanueva, the animated series follows the story of a young girl living in one of Manila’s many poor communities who has her feet planted in two vastly different worlds: one in the harsh reality of urban poverty. The other in the shadows of the supernatural. Taught by her grandmother in the dark arts, she defends her community not just against monsters but also against social injustice.

2. Jet And The Pet Rangers

Director: Patrick Apura

The cartoon series follows the adventures of a kid named Jet, who, together with his pets Liksi the dog, Tiyang Manok the hen, and Gigi the goldfish, transform into superheroes with the help of a magic star. This series is the first-ever animated original series from iWant. 

3. Pop Bot

Director: Marvin Paracuelles

An evil scientist has created 12 freaks of nature in his creepy lab. The majority of the Pop Bots see an opportunity to escape once the doctor leaves the lab, but they are stopped by his loyal servants (three minion Pop Bots). They must band together for their freedom or risk losing this opportunity for escape.

4. Stikbot Pilot Anthology

Directors: Carlyn Ceniza, Charles Wilson Nakila, Clare Marie Sachez, Deborah Tudtud, Bryan Velayo

5. Sarung Banggi

Director: Dominic James B. Barrios

A farmer from the fields trying to go home encounter a diwata that enchants him and leads him astray. The film recently bagged the top prize at 32nd CCP Gawad Alternatibo last August.

6. Flush

Director: Roland Cartagena

A subdued worker serves a swollen man bound in a perpetual cycle of simultaneous consumption and defecation. A series of unprecedented events follow after the worker is forcibly laid off.

7. Trust Fall

Director: Kristine Francisco

8. Megabot: Origins

Directors: Carlyn Ceniza, Charles Wilson Nakila

Lisbon is a super talented inventor who has already built the Turbo Cycle and has just completed the mighty Avalanche. However, the mysterious and dangerous Spurious has been looking for a powerful MEGABOT for quite a long time. He uses the Dream-casters to spy on its users. Once he sees Lisbon’s creations, he wants to steal it and take over the world! Will the Stikbot Megabots fall into Spurious’ dangerous suction cups, or can Lisbon stop him before it is too late?

9. Sojourn Of The Phantasm

Director: Jose Ian Lucas S. Lacorte

10. Lone

Director: James Eraño Mariscal

For years, Cris has been trying to find out where he truly is. After a long journey to the unknown world, he faced off a destiny he did not expect.

To buy tickets, register here. For more announcements and updates, visit the official site of the Animation Council of the Philippines Inc.

You can watch and support some local films on MOOV, Cinema Centenario’s video on-demand online channel. 

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