Finally, You Can Now Stream Saving Sally on Netflix to Escape Reality

In need of a local animated film for your next movie night? While waiting for Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story, you can now stream Direk Liongoren’s SAVING SALLY on Netflix.

Quietly coming to Netflix on Oct. 15 is Saving Sally :_)It should be available all across Asia & quite possibly Europe…

Geplaatst door Rocketsheep Studio op Donderdag 1 oktober 2020

“It should be available all across Asia [and] quite possibly Europe as they took our French subtitles,” the studio behind the film stated. 

Saving Sally follows the story of Marty (Enzo Marcos), a young aspiring comic book artist who falls in love with his best friend, Sally (Rhian Ramos), a gadget inventor. Both living in the same town, Sally would soon become Marty’s center of the universe. And just like every love story, Marty would attempt to be her “savior” against the many “villains” in her life, including her abusive parents and her jerky boyfriend Nick (TJ Trinidad).

This live-action animated film took ten years to finish but went on to gross P27 million at the box office, making it one of the festival’s top-grossing entries. It also garnered multiple nominations and awards from Fantasporto 2017 and the Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2017. Saving Sally also competed at the Metro Manila Film Festival 2016. Remember when indie films dominated the MMFF 2016? 

Watch the trailer here:

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