QCinema: Send your short films “depicting lighter side of quarantine life,” have a chance to win 50k.

QCinema is looking for short-short films depicting the lighter side of quarantine life. Six shorts will be selected and will win P50,000.00 each!

The pandemic can’t keep artists from producing their masterpieces. At the comfort of your own homes and with the easily-available video equipment like mobile phone, you can make your own short film.


  1. The short film should have a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes running time including OBB and CBB;
  2. The short film can be narrative or a hybrid of narrative, documentary, animation, and experimental;
  3. Could be shot on video, smartphone, webcam, or any digital devices. The final output for online submission should be in mp4 format;
  4. All shorts should have English subtitles;
  5. Limited to one entry per director;
  6. The short must be produced between September to October 2020;
  7. The mini-production must adhere to current shooting safety protocol if involving a crew over 5 persons;
  8. Use of original literary sources, music materials, and film footage must have proper clearance from its respective copyright owners before it can be used in the final film output;
  9. Director must be a Filipino citizen, living in the Philippines, 18 years old and above;
  10. Rights to the final film output belong to the director, but QCFDC reserves the right to screen it for the duration of QCinema 2020 and selected events after the festival screening (with prior notice to the director);
  11. Deadline of submission is October 30, 2020, 5:00 PM. NO EXTENSION.

The film festival also launch the “QCinema Completion Fund for Independent Films.” I aims to provide funding to film productions halted by the pandemic. Read more.

Watch more local films on MOOV, Cinema Centenario’s video on-demand online channel. 

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